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These festivals, film archives, projection venues, programming organizations, etc. commit themselves to favour photochemical film projection whenever a projectable print is available and to announce it in the programs that they organize.

Festivals (40)  
25 FPS Festival - Zagreb, Croatia
Berlin International Film Festival - Berlin, Germany
Cinéma du Réel - Paris, France
Corsica.doc - Ajaccio, France
Courtisane - Ghent, Belgium
Crossing Europe Film Festival Linz - Linz, Austria
DocLisboa - Lisboa, Portugal
Dokfilmwoche Hamburg - Hamburg, Germany
Dresdner schmalfilmtage - Dresden, Germany
Entrevues Belfort - Belfort, France
Etats Généraux du Film Documentaire - Lussas, France
Experimenta India - Bangalore, India
Festival des Cinémas Différents de Paris - Paris, France
International Film Festival Rotterdam - Rotterdam, Netherlands
Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen - Oberhausen, Germany
Les Inattendus - Lyon, France
Lightfield - Oakland, CA, USA
MediaCity Film Festival - Windsor, ON, Canada
Milwaukee Underground Film Festival - Milwaukee, WI , USA
(S8) Mostra de Cinema Periferico - A Coruña, Spain
Syros International Film Festival - Syros, Greece
The Temenos - Arcadia, Greece
Viennale - Vienna, Austria
Underdox - München, Germany
Wavelengths - Toronto, ON, Canada
Festival international Cinema Libre - Hamburg, Germany
Le Giornate del Cinema Muto / Pordenone Silent Film Festival - Pordenone, Italy
Les Rencontres du cinéma documentaire - association Périphérie - Montreuil, France
Festival de Cinéma de Douarnenez - Douarnenez, France
Festival International du Film de La Rochelle - La Rochelle, France
Travelling - Rennes, France
Arras Film Festival - Arras, France
Kurja Polt Genre Film Festival - Ljubljana, Slovenia
Cine Esquema Novo - Porto Alegre, Brazil
Festival Mondial des Cinémas Sauvages - Bruxelles, Belgique
MUTA - Muestra Internacional de Apropiación Audiovisual - Lima, Perú
Fracto - Berlin, Germany
Videoex Festival - Zürich, Switzerland
Xcèntric - Barcelona, España
Semana del Film Experimental de La Plata - La Plata, Argentina

We are the oldest experimental film showcase in Latin America, screening mostly super 8 and 16mm films since 2011.

http://Federico Germán Lanchares (facebook)

Film archives & Cinematheques (22)  
Arsenal - Institute for Film and Video Art - Berlin, Germany
Atelier cinématographique Ad libitum - Cras, France
Austrian Film Museum - Vienna, Austria
Cinemateca Portuguesa - Lisboa, Portugal
Harvard Film Archive - Cambridge, MA, USA
MNAM Georges-Pompidou - Paris, France
UCLA Film & Television Archive - Los Angeles, CA, USA
The Film Noir Foundation - Alameda, CA, USA
Centre National de l'Audiovisuel, Luxembourg - Dudelange, Luxembourg
George Eastman Museum - Rochester, NY, USA
Cineteca del Friuli - Gemona, Italy
La Cinémathèque française - Paris, France
Cinémathèque de Nouvelle-Aquitaine - Limoges, France
Atelier du 7ème Art - Dornecy, France
Yale Film Study Center - New Haven, CT , USA
Cinémathèque16 - Paris, France

La Cinémathèque16, jeune archive de cinéma, a pour ambition de rassembler, de sauvegarder et de valoriser le patrimoine cinématographique sur support argentique, principalement au format 16mm, en France et en Europe. Fondée par un collectif de professionnels des archives et de l’exploitation en salles, l’association a pour missions la collecte, la préservation, la restauration et la programmation de sa collection et de celles qui lui seront confiées.


Fonds d'archives Podolski - Bruxelles, Belgique

N'hésitez pas à vous abonner à notre Katalog papier. Don't hesitate to subscribe to our paper Katalog. Zögern Sie nicht, unseren Papierkatalog zu abonnieren. Non esitate a iscrivervi al nostro paper Katalog.


Eye Filmmuseum - Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Mid-Atlantic Regional Moving Image Archive (MARMIA) - Baltimore, United States
Enjoy the Film - Chicago, USA
Image'Est - Nancy / Epinal, France
Projection venues (27)  
Art Cinema OFFoff - Ghent, Belgium
Blackhole Cinematheque - Oakland, CA, USA
Cinema Nova - Bruxelles, Belgique
Cimatheque - Cairo, Egypt
Close-up - London, United Kingdom
Film/video at REDCAT - Los Angeles, CA, USA
Gran Lux - St-Etienne, France
Haeler Echo - New-York, NY, USA
Kino im Sprengel - Hanover, Germany
Light Industry - New-York, NY, USA
Werkstattkino - Munich, Germany
Kino Krokodil - Berlin, Germany
WORM - Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Super8, 16mm and 35mm


Cinéma Le Zola - Villeurbanne, France
la lumière collective - Montreal, Canada
Filmclub 813 - Cologne, Germany

90% of our film programm is analog (16mm + 35mm) !


Star and Shadow Cinema - Newcastle, United Kingdom
Studio des Ursulines - Paris , France

Nous projetons régulièrement des films en format 35mm (ciné-clubs, etc.) ainsi que des soirées expérimentales en tout format.


Le Cinématographe - Nantes, France
Cinéma Spoutnik - Genève, Suisse
Zumzeig Cinecooperativa - Barcelona, Spain
The Cube Cinema - Bristol, UK

We can do side by side 35mm, 16mm and Super 8mm


Videodrome 2 - Marseille, France
Cine Humberto Mauro / Fundação Clóvis Salgado - Belo Horizonte, Brasil

Cine Humberto Mauro is the only theater in Minas Gerais State (Brasil) which regularly projects films in 16mm and 35mm format. We are lolonking for training and discussion about the screening in 35mm.


Cinema Zevenskoop - Den Helder, Netherlands

Fully functional 35mm projector as well as digital projection. 16mm projector also available.


Art galleries & Exhibition spaces (4)  
The Film Gallery - Paris, France
Whitechapel Gallery Zilkha Auditorium - London, United Kingdom
Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center - Buffalo, New York, United States
analo8 - Taipei, Taiwan
Programming organizations (38)  
Cinema Project - Portland, OR, USA
Dim cinema - Vancouver, BC, Canada
Documentaire sur Grand Ecran - Paris, France
DodesKaden - Marseille, France
Los Angeles FilmForum - Los Angeles, CA, USA
Chicago Film Society - Chicago, IL, USA
Mire  - Nantes, France
Monoquini - Bordeaux, France
No.w.here - London, United Kingdom
Noir City - Alameda, CA, USA
Early Monthly Segments - Toronto, ON, Canada
Braquage - Paris, France
Bucknell Film/Media Program at The Campus Theatre - Lewisburg, PA, USA
Artist Film Workshop - Melbourne, Australia
Ciné-club Louis Lumière - Paris, France
The Sprocket Society - Seattle, WA, USA
Rattis Books - London, United Kingdom
Sight Unseen - Baltimore, United States
Ecrans Variables - Université Rennes 2 - Rennes, France
Balagan Films - Boston, USA
VISIONS - Montreal, Canada
LumaLuma - La Cornuaille, France
Light Movement - Berlin, Germany
Openscreen asbl - Pop-cinema and alternative programming - Luxembourg/Esch, Luxembourg
Asso la pommerie - Gentioux, France
Shotgun Cinema - New Orleans, USA

Signing with great enthusiasm and resolve.


La Mangeuse de Pelloch' - Diffuseur de films en pellicule - Toulouse, France

Nous organisons des séances en plein air de films en 35mm. Nous mettons en place des œuvres en pellicule (35mm, 16mm, super 8) dans des musées.


The Canine Condition - Berlin, Germany
PETI PETI - Rennes, France

nous sommes aussi structure de production


Clair Obscur - Rennes, France
Film Studies Center, University of Chicago - Chicago, USA
Shotgun Cinema - New Orleans, USA
Ciné Club de l'INSAS - Bruxelles, Belgique
Le Cinéclub de Montréal / The Film Society (CFS) - Montreal, Canada

CFS screens almost exclusively 16mm and 35mm film formats and maintains an archive of over 5000 reels in those gauges. In operation since 1992.


La Comète Argentique - Montpellier, France

Ciné-club itinérant


attaque(e)r le visible - Berlin, Germany
Ciné-club de l'ENS-Ulm - Paris, France
Cinema Fulgor - Baixo Alentejo, Portugal
Professional organizations (3)  
AMIA Film Advocacy Task Force - USA
Van Eck Video Services - TILBURG, The Netherlands

We make use of the newest technologies, like 3D printing to produce new parts to keep 8mm and 16mm film projectors up and running.


Studio 2M Filmtechniek / 2M 16mm Filmloopers - Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Film distributors (7)  
Canyon Cinema - San Francisco, CA, USA
Collectif Jeune Cinéma - Paris, France
Lux - London, United Kingdom
Light Cone - Paris, France
sixpackfilm - Vienna, Austria
Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre - Toronto, Canada
Nostromo - Saint-Étienne, France

*16mm film for ever - 永远的16毫米胶片! - Pellicola da 16mm per sempre - Film 16mm selamanya - 16mmフィルムよ永遠なれ*


Right-holding organizations (2)  
Les films de mon oncle - Paris, France
CEHRDF BANGLADESH - Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh
Commercial film laboratories (7)  
Color lab - Rockville, MD, USA
Cinelab London - Slough, United Kingdom

Film lab super8, 16,35 & 65 neg processing, archival negs, prints, telecine, scanning and restoration.


Haghefilm - Amsterdam-Duivendrecht, The Netherlands
Pro8mm - Burbank, USA
Super8 Reversal Lab - Den Haag, Netherlands
Laboratoire DAEMS - Marboué, France
KEM Studiotechnik - manufacturer of equipment for analogue film handling - Norderstedt, Germany

KEM Studiotechnik is a part of the Cine Project Group. www.cine-project.de


Art & Film schools (7)  
Schüle Friedl Kubelka für unabhängigen Film - Vienna, Austria

I enthusiastically and vehemently agree with your position! At times one certainly feels somehow powerless as an individual artist caring deeply for the knowledge, power and beauty of analog film. But there are so many great individuals, groups and institutions working hard and devoted. So, its time to join forces somehow. P. Fleischmann


Studio National des Arts Contemporains, le Fresnoy - Tourcoing, France
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Department of Film, Video, Animation & New Genres - Milwaukee, WI , USA
Correspondencias Taller Laboratorio Cinematográfico - Bogotá, Colombia
Colgate University Film and Media Studies Program - Hamilton, NY, USA
Cooper Union Art School - New York City, USA
Ryerson University Motion Picture Lab - Toronto, Canada
Artist-run film labs & Media arts centers (36)  
Echo Park Film Center - Los Angeles, CA, USA
Double Negative - Montréal, QC, Canada
LaborBerlin - Berlin, Germany
L’Abominable - La Courneuve, France
Nanolab - Vic, Australia
Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT) - Toronto, ON, Canada
L'Etna - Montreuil, France
Independant Imaging Retreat (The Film Farm) - Mount Forest, ON, Canada
Process Reversal - USA
Filmverkstaden - Vaasa, Finland
WIZARDENX LEE studio. - Taipei, Taiwan

Have any help please tell us. thank you. Best Regards, Wizardenx LEE studio.


Filmwerkplaats - Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Atlantic Filmmakers Cooperative Ltd - Halifax, Canada



Iris Film Collective - Vancouver, Canada
Film in Process ltd - London, UK
CRATER-LAB - Barcelona, España
AgX Film Collective - Boston, USA
Cineworks - Vancouver, Canada

Film has never died – it has transformed, and continues to do so, worldwide, in the hands of experimental filmmakers, visual artists and directors with a passion for its unique qualities. The film21 charter is a rallying cry to support this renewal, and a commitment to strengthening international support for exhibiting and producing work on photochemical film.


LABO BXL - Bruxelles, Belgium

LABO est une boîte à outils, un lieu de recherche et d’expérimentation, grâce au partage de connaissances et à l’échange de savoir-faire et de pratiques. Dans ce laboratoire naît un cinéma d’artisans, autonome et hors des logiques commerciales.


Burstscratch - Strasbourg, France
El Cine Como Arma Revolucionaria - Bogotá, Colombia
labodoble - Prague, Czech republic
Hands On Film Lab - Newcastle, Uk
Atelier MTK - St Martin le Vinoux, France
Co.lab ( Colirio Laboratório) - Recife, Brasil
Los Otros - Quezon City, Philippines
filmkoop wien - Vienna, Austria
Unzalab - Milan, Italy
KinoLab - Colombia - Bogotá , Colombia
Labo CCP - Lille, France
Mire - Nantes, France
Laboratorio de cine/fac - Montevideo, Uruguay
nachleben experimental film lab and archive - Melton, UK
Harkat Studios - Mumbai, India
Film Base - Saint-Étienne, France

jk optical printer we need


Production houses (9)  
Against Reality Pictures - Hamburg, Germany
1&1 - Saint André, France
La Boie Visual Art - Locarno, Suisse
NOSOROGI - Ljubljana, Slovenia
Filmotive - San Sebastian, España
Mischief-Films - Vienna, Austria

We produced the film CINEMA FUTURES by Michael Palm.


529 Dragons - Marseille, France
EDA - Paris, France
À VIF cinémas - Paris, France
Publishing, Paper & On-line magazines (7)  
Seance - Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Dérives - Paris, France
Paris Expérimental - Édition - Paris, France
Lumière - Barcelona , España
Found Footage Magazine - Girona, Spain
Editions Tinbad - Paris, France

Notre revue, "Les Cahiers de Tinbad", défend ardemment la projection-Lumière des films. Et elle publie des articles en ce sens.


Revue Les saisons - Paris, France
Other organizations (18)  
Harun Farocki Institut - Berlin, Germany
Suomen Filmikulttuuri ry - informing, screening and distributing photochemical film - Helsinki, Finland
Pix Film - Production/Studio/Gallery - Toronto, Canada

The studio has an Oxberry Master 16/35mm, film equipment 16mm, Super8 and 8mm Space for projection : 35mm ( portable ), 16mm , S8mm, 8mm


Klay Anderson A/V/L - Salt Lake City, USA
Fotoquímica Films SpA - Servicios Cinematográficos - Santiago, Chile
Main Film - Centre d'artistes - soutien à la création / artist-run center - support for creation - Montréal, Canada

3981 boulevard Saint-Laurent bureau 750


The Independent Filmmakers Co-operative of Ottawa Inc. (IFCO) - Film Production, Artist-Run, Media Art Centre - Ottawa, Canada



Festival Scope - Online Platform - Paris, France
Goodbye Bucephale - Paris / Marseille, France

Goodbye Bucephale est une association ayant pour objet d’assurer le soutien financier, technique et moral à l’élaboration, la production et la concrétisation d’évènements et de projets artistiques et/ou culturels. J'ai découvert votre initiative via l'article de Thomas Favel dans les Cahiers du Cinéma n°727, je me suis rué sur internet pour participer à ce mouvement de persistance et signer. Merci pour ça ! Alors, pour le bien du film, de ce beau rêve organique, nous diffuserons au maximum cette charte. À bientôt ! Matthieu Goodbye Bucephale


Vitrine en cours - Projections 16mm et diapos - Rennes, France
Projected Picture Trust - Charity preserving old cinema projectors - Halifax, UK
Film & Projection Heritage Network - A Network to unite people in the UK interested in celluloid heritage - London, UK

*To network and represent all groups and organisations involved in either cinema or film heritage in any form wishing to show 35mm. *To provide a forum for information/knowledge/skills sharing. *Help promote the overall work of the member organisations in running 35mm. *To help provide training and education and the skills required in keeping equipment maintained for both current projectionists *Developing apprenticeships.


Hammer Museum - Billy Wilder Theater - Art Museum & Cinema - Los Angeles, USA
Cinemartin - Reparateur de projecteur et fabricant de boucleur 16mm - Montreal, Canada

Plus de 25 ans d'expérience en réparation de projecteur tout formats .spécialiste en fabrication de boucleur (looper 16mm) pour Artiste, musée, galerie d'art.


UMR7172 THALIM - Laboratoire de recherche Théorie et histoire des arts et des littératures de la modernité - Paris, France
Las Cercanias - Val de Louyre et Caudeau, France
Atelier d'Archives Haroun Tazieff - Restauration / archivage / performance des rushs des expeditions Tazieff - Bruxelles / Grenoble, Belgique / France
DP - Réalisation de courts-métrage - projetés en 35mm - Lausanne, Suisse