Watching Nitrate!

The eighth Nitrate Picture Show is opening today on the site of what used to be the estate of Georges Eastman, founder […]

“Thingness over Illustration”
All Straub-Huillet on film in Paris

Covering the 1975 New York Film Festival, critics Manny Farber and Patricia Paterson described the style of Moses and Aaron […]

Introducing filmprojection21’s 16mm test film

A unique 16mm test film has been produced under the banner of filmprojection21 by L’Abominable with the dedicated tools that […] is an initiative conceived around the concrete commitment represented by the Charter of Cinematographic Projection in the 21st Century, uniting those who care about photochemical film projection.

Filmmakers, artists, producers, archivists, distributors, programmers or members of the audience, whether involved in the festival network, the archival world, contemporary art, independent venues, or all kinds of film-making, from the movie industry to the underground, we assert the importance of building a future for photochemical film projection and intend to share resources toward that goal.