On-line resources
Projection equipment manufacturers
Film handling equipment
On-site projection installation and services
Looper & associated equipment rental services

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On-line resources: directory of manufacturers and suppliers projector repair resource technical resources
Film-Tech’s equipment manuals screening films section
manuels sur cine-technique

Projection equipment manufacturers:


Projector parts sources

Buisse & Botazzi parts (François Baumann)

Film handling equipment:

CIR splicers & inspection tables
Goldberg movie theater products
Kelmar film handling equipment
RTI Motion picture post-production & archiving equipment
Steenbeck editing tables

On-site temporary and permanent projection installation and services:

Canada: Cinémartin
France : 2AVI
Germany:  Sprenger Kinotechnik
Germany:   24 Frame Kinoprojektion
Germany:  Filmprojektion Mondt
Netherlands: Filmtechniek
United Kingdom: KS Objectiv
USA:  Full aperture systems
USA :  Boston Light & Sound

Looper & installation-oriented equipment rental services:

Canada: Cinémartin
Canada:  LIFT
France :  L’Abominable
France :  The Film Gallery
Germany: 24 Frame Kinoprojektion
Germany:  Filmprojektion Mondt
Netherlands:  Studio 2M
Netherlands: Van-Eck
United Kingdom:  Kino Club
United Kingdom: KS Objectiv
United Kingdom:
Switzerland: Looper8