3/5 is Reel Film Day

Mark your calendars, cinephiles. 35mm film will be alive in all its glory on March 5 — or 3/5. A collaborative initiative from Alamo Drafthouse and Kodak, the first-ever “Reel Film Day” will champion the beauty of cinema’s richest and most enduring format with celebratory screenings at Alamo Drafthouse and independent theaters across the U.S.

A true celebration of the wide-ranging scope of cinema, programming is deeply eclectic featuring classics including Powell and Pressburger’s THE RED SHOES and Orson Welles’ A TOUCH OF EVIL rubbing reels with cult favorites like BUCKAROO BANZAI and Quentin Tarantino’s INGLORIOUS BASTERDS. Over 25 screenings are taking place across the U.S. and no matter the location, the unifying factor is that all films will be presented large and lustrous from 35mm film.

Finally, to fully realize the day’s efforts to keep 35mm alive, $3.50 from tickets to all of the 35mm screenings at Alamo Drafthouse locations and select partner venues, as well as a portion of the proceeds from Mondo’s sales, will be donated to the prestigious Film Foundation to help fund an upcoming important film preservation effort.