This blog is dedicated to filmmakers advocating making film prints nowadays.

Helga Fanderl

“I love making films with a Super 8 camera, reacting to serendipitous discoveries and transferring experience and perception, atmosphere and […]

Barbara Sternberg

“Well, there are two phases: making and showing. Film and digital video are two different media and ideas come to […]


“We make prints because we believe that analog projection is a central element of the cinematic ritual as we understand […]

Viktoria Schmid

“Each projection of film is unique and lively. It is always an exciting moment when the projectionist is hopefully focusing […]

Alexandre Larose

“When it comes to projects that I shoot and (re)work on film, I make photochemical prints – first of all, […]

Antoinette Zwirchmayr

“I think it’s about a feeling. In the digital space our feelings are getting more and more lost. Analog film […]

Nathaniel Dorsky

“My films only exist as 16mm film prints and are available to the public for rental at Canyon Cinema in […]

Ted Fendt

“I began making films just as film projection began to wane and digital projection became omnipresent. I remember at that […]

Rosa Barba

“When you work with analogue film there are limitations that force you into making decisions. I found out there is […]

Stanley Schtinter

“Digital projection is to film what the postcard reproduction is to painting. It is the Van Gogh calendar. It is […]